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About a year ago (summer 2013), when I tried node.js and used Express.js as a framework two things came to my mind:

  • node.js is a future
  • I'd love to switch to node.js as soon as Express.js becomes more comprehensive, just like Ruby on Rails.

In other words, the question was when will Express evolve to become more rails-like?

Last week, however, I have realized that I was asking the wrong question all along.


This week, after being told by numerous people to take a look at Meteor.js, I finally started looking at the features and the nature of this framework. I quickly realized that by wanting Express.js to be more like Rails I was simply asking for a faster horse. Meteor however, delivers something completely different. It leverages node.js and advantages of JavaScript to create full stack framework that is nothing like Rails. And it makes so much sense to do it this way!

Imagine being able to build fully fluid, native app like experience by simply deploying a website. Not only that. Doing it with minimal setup and beautifully readable code. You can securely query database directly form the client side and keep a copy of the data on the client side. And there is a lot more.

Think: Google Apps experience with almost no code. How exciting that is?

You can check their website here and watch simple demo demonstration here. They have also a Youku video if you cannot access Vimeo.

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